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Taste of Health!

MyHealth is the world’s unique bioactive structured water naturally enriched with oxygen. It is a continuation of the research project Górski Potok plus tlen (Mountain Stream Plus Oxygen) which for a number of years attracted a lot of attention from conscious consumers and professionals.

Similar structured water is encountered in natural conditions in mountain brooks and waterfalls, in the form snowflakes and hailstones or stored in glaciers.

Our innovative revitalization technology applied to water sourced underground restores its biological properties which are typically found in the rich of dissolved oxygen surface water from rapid mountain streams or contained in the cells of living organisms.

Scope of use:


•    as an adjuvant in the treatment of many diseases of the modern world

•    for rehabilitation and recovery and in the treatment of various types of intoxication

•    intense physical and psychological activity, sports training

•    supporting growth and development of children and youth


Return to natural diet is our best chance for long and healthy life!

Key distinctive physical properties of MyHealth water:

•    significantly smaller droplet size compared to other available bottled waters or tap water – this property improves absorption and distribution of the water within the body and, as a result, ensures excellent hydration of the cells, improves transport of nutrients and washes out toxins and metabolic wastes more effectively;

•    increased content of permanently dissolved oxygen in the water >20 ml/l (up to 5 times more than other waters including tap water) improves intracellular metabolism

–   both properties can help to reduce the risk of developing many common diseases, including cancer.

Properties of MyHealth water so far documented with plenty consumer observations and results of conducted clinical trials:

1.    has an excellent taste and quickly quenches thirst

2.    ensures sufficient hydration of body cells and tissues in a very short time

3.    improves laboratory test results, in particular glucose and LDL cholesterol levels

4.    facilitates weight losing and reduction of anthropometric measurements (waste and thigh circumference)

5.    aids regeneration of muscles after exercise

6.    improves the appearance of skin and reduces swelling

7.    enhances sleep quality

8.    effectively removes negative effects of various kinds of intoxication, in particular with alcohol

9.    significantly improves overall well-being and certain important physiological functions

10.   may help to prevent the development of numerous common diseases of the modern world.

All the abovementioned effects and uses of the water are confirmed by the results of clinical trials conducted by Polish physicians under the supervision of Head of the Department and Clinical Ward of Internal Diseases, Angiology and Physical Medicine, of the Silesian Medical University, Professor Aleksander Sieroń, MD, PhD, doctor honoris causa (multi), world-renowned expert in modern physical medicine. The research results have been published in medical periodicals.

Physicochemical composition:

Total mineralization: 336 mg/l • pH 7.8 • Energy: 0.0 kcal/l

Cations (mg/l):

Ca2+      69,70

Mg2+       2,56

Na+        <2,00

K+            0,49

Anions (mg/l):

HCO3-   232,00

SO42-     11.20

Cl –           4.20

F-             0.07

Worth noting is the fact that the product does not contain any ammonium or nitrate compounds!
Available packaging types:
glass bottles 0.3L and 0,7L • PET bottles 0.5L and 1,0L